Focus Artist: Doukoku

Nyanko Scandal Factory proudly presents new artist collaboration: Doukoku!

Vocal: Ryusuke
Guitar: Fumiya

Biography:Doukoku is a rock duo which formed in Tokyo 2007. They had a few activities in 2008 but after that they took a break.
The band consist of the brothers Ryusuke(Vo) and Fumiya(Gt&Synth).
During the break Ryusuke had some solo activity and Fumiya wrote and provided songs.
Doukoku restarted in 2010, and began full-scale activity in 2011.
The sound of Doukoku features nostalgic, fleeting guitar and synthesizer as well as lyrical and exceptional vocal. The sentimental view of the world holds those sounds, and attracts people.

2011/06/03: Single 虐待ノ涙 (gyakutai no namida)
2012/03/10: Mini-album慟哭ノ痕 (doukoku no senseki)
2013/08/23: Single転生ノ瞳 (tenshou no hitomi)
2013/10/06: Limited single in compliation with Endgame 約束ノSanctuary (yakusoku no sanctuary)
2013/12/12: Live DVD – 転生ノ夜、瞳に慟哭を… (tenshou no yoru, hitomi ni doukoku o..)
2014/04/18: Single 人工少女 (jinkou shoujou)
2015/03/13: Album 慟哭世界 (doukoku sekai)

Doukoku release 1st Album!

Album: Doukoku sekai (慟哭世界)
Release date: March 13th 2015

1. Ranmu (乱夢)
2. Gyakutai no namida (虐待ノ涙)
3. Jinkou shoujyo (人工少女)
4. Suishou iro (水晶色)
5. Asuka (飛鳥)
6. Meiyaku no kagi (盟約ノ鍵)
7. Aigan (哀願)
8. Tensei no hitomi (転生ノ瞳)
9. Hoshi no mabuta (星ノ瞼)
10. Shuu shuu (秋愁)
11. Fuyu kagerou (冬蜉蝣)
12. Ai no sukima (愛ノ隙間)

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Doukoku “Sekai”~Europe Tour

May 29th
City: Munich, Germany
Venue: Garage Deluxe
* Event page on Facebook

May 31st
City: Vienna, Austria
Venue: Replugged
+ Support Band Ground Collapse
* Event page on Facebook

June 3rd
City: Berlin, Germany
* Event page on Facebook

June 6th
City: Bremen, Germany
Convent: Nipponcon
* Event page on Facebook

Organizer: Triple A Unit

For bookers/promoters

Nyanko Scandal Factory have an established connection to Doukoku, if you are interested in any information about them and their availability for concerts outside Japan, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you.

Please visit:
Doukoku’s Official Webpage
Doukoku on Facebook
Ryusuke’s blog
Fumiya’s blog
Ryusuke’s Twiiter
Fumiya’s Twitter
Ryusuke’s Facebook



Doukoku @ 目黒THE LIVE STATION 15/09/2014
Photographer: Wanda Proft at WANDALISMUS.INK

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