BatAAr concert!

We are happy to announce that the Swedish Metal Art/Visual band BatAAr will perform at Tuben in Farsta at the same event as the Japanese musician Satsuki. Please see more information at the eventpage here!


SATSUKI EPOCALIPSE TOUR – Free concert in Sweden!

We are happy to announce that the Japanese solo artist Satsuki and the Swedish Art Metal band BatAAr will perform in Farsta, Stockholm, on May 7th!

Satsuki & BatAAr


This is Satsuki’s first visit to Sweden as a part of his “EPOCALIPSE TOUR” with which he promotes his new album release “EPOCALIPSE”.

The concert will take place yet again at the venue “Tuben” in Farsta, which means that the entrance will be FREE! So book the 7th May in your calendars for this adventure!


When: 7th May 2016
Where: Tuben, Farsta, Stockholm



Satsuki is a solo artist, poet, pianist and violinist, to mention a few of his talents. You may also know him from visual kei bands like “Rentrer en soi”, “MOON STREAM” and Kisaki Project feat Satsuki.

Satsuki puts his fans under the spell with his crystal clear voice and fanciful sound, a synthesis of rock, softness, catchy melodies and mystique. His uniqueness truly makes him one of a kind.

Please visit:
Official Homepage:


BatAAr is an Art Metal/Visual band from Gothenburg/Stockholm. This is the first time you will see them perform with their new vocalist Endigo. Please have a look at their latest music video below.

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Official Facebook:
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Focus Artist: Jack Rose

Jack Rose


Jack Rose formed as early as 1999 with the members Shinsaku (Dr) Syun (ba), Aki (Keyboard), Shige (Gt) and Re:i (Vo).
Over their 14 year long career there has been totally released 5 albums and 7 maxi singles and 1 live clip dvd.
Their music is a mix of melodic rock and electronic pop.
After 14 years of activity, going from 5 members to 3, Jack Rose went on hiatus in 2012 due to the leaving of guitarist Shige but restarted again in 2015 as a duet with vocalist Re:i and Aki on keyboard.

Jack Rose


2015.10.14 B-RE:AK
2012.02.20 Second Destiny
2009.07.22 Heart Infection 02
2006.10.10 Heart Infection 01
2003.07.07 FACES

Maxi singles:
2010.10.14シークレットメール (Secret Mail)
2009.04.10 TRY-angle
2007.11.01ネバーランド / Asymmetry Kiss
D.F2 / 7th Heaven
2005.05.09 Moon drop / Cinderella


Part: Vocal
Blood type: O
Birth day: 1/7
Other activity: BRANDOROID

Part: Keyboard
Blood type: A
Birth day: 10/14
Other activity: CONCERTO MOON

Jack Rose


Official FB:
Official Twitter:

Gallery: V.I.P July 18th 2015 Paris, France

V.I.P | Hiroaki Nakashima




V.I.P comes back to Europe for “SOMA ESSENTIAL TOUR vol.1”

Nyanko Scandal Factory & SnakeZ Agency brings V.I.P back to Europe this year for the first part of his “SOMA ESSENTIAL TOUR”.

These are the current dates announced and a few more might come!

October 2nd
Kharkiv, Ukraine @ Jara club
VK event

October 3rd
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine @ RK club
VK event

October 4th
Kyiv, Ukraine @ MonteRay Live Stage
VK event

October 6th
Kaluga, Russia @ Amra club
VK event

October 7th
Kursk, Russia @ Tochka club
VK event

October 8th
Bryansk, Russia @ House club
VK event

October 9th
Tula, Russia @ Irlandets pub
VK event

October 10th
Voronezh, Russia @ Colosseum Club
VK event

October 11th
Saratov, Russia @ BarDuck
VK Event

October 13th
Ryazan, Russia @ Planetarium club
VK event

October 16th – free entrance
Stockholm, Sweden @ Ungdomens Hus Tuben
Nyanko Scandal Factory will in collaboration with DarkBad present both V.I.P and the comical duo NANDA?!
FB event

October 17th
Bucharest, Rumania @ Asia Fest
FB event

November 15th
Dublin, Ireland @ Eirtakon
FB event

For info about tickets, venues, schedule, press inquiries etc in RUSSIA or UKRAINE, please contact SnakeZ Agency.
Other inquiries & info about dates, please contact Nyanko Scandal Factory

Tour page on Facebook!

V.I.P | Hiroaki Nakashima

V.I.P | Hiroaki Nakashima

Gallery: HITT May 8th 2015 Farsta, Sweden

HITT May 8th 2015 Farsta, Sweden HITT May 8th 2015 Farsta, Sweden

Focus Artist: OROCHI


Samurai rock meets visual kei

The myth
The story tells that once upon a time, there was a dragon called Yamatano Orochi. Its eyes were red like boiling blood and had eight heads and eight tails with the length of eight valleys.

Every year, this monster took a beautiful virgin from a village as a sacrifice. A samurai called Susanoo heard this tragedy; he fought Orochi and slew its eight heads apart. His spirit became immortal and his strength was given to four young samurais, who control the Land of Sun since the year 16.


This is samurai rock as its best!
In the somehow homogenous visual kei scene of Japan, OROCHI stands out with his unique blend of rock, metal and visual artistry that keeps a deep connection to the myth and thrill of Japanese culture. Not surprisingly, Ryu – the artist behind OROCHI – actually has samurai ancestors’ blood in his veins.

The music itself, which basically is rock, gets a distinctive touch of culture when it incorporates the tunes of traditional Japanese instruments as of nohkan, dragon flute, koto and biwa – all instruments mastered by Ryu. The lyrics bring you back to a world of myth and fairy-tales in an ancient Japan.

OROCHI was formed back in 2004 and has had several different lineups. Today however, OROCHI is a solo project managed by the front-man Ryu.

Formed: 2004
Solo project of: Ryu
Genre: Samurai Rock / Metal Visual Kei
Birthday: March 30th
Blood-type: A


2ndCD ALbum Title:OROCHIOROCHI merchandise orders within Europe
Nyanko Scandal Factory assist OROCHI by shipping merchandize to European customers. This way you as a customer don’t need to worry about expensive shipping- or customs fees.
Note: this benefit is limited to what’s in our stock.


More information
For more information about OROCHI live shows, discography and more, please visit OROCHI’s official webpage: Samurai Renaicesance OROCHI 公式サイト

Orochi on Spotify
Nowadays you can listen to some of OROCHI’s albums on Spotify: OROCHI on Spotify

OROCHI Official Webpage
OROCHI Official Facebook
OROCHI Official Blog
OROCHI Official Twitter
OROCHI on Spotify
OROCHI Personal Facebook
OROCHI Personal Twitter

For bookers/promoters

Nyanko Scandal Factory have an established connection to OROCHI, if you are interested in any information about them and their availability for concerts outside Japan, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist you.


Music video: SAKURA

Footage from OROCHI’s live in Sweden

Ryu | OROCHI | Sweden | Stockholm | Miyabi Japan Story

Ryu | OROCHI | Sweden | Stockholm | Miyabi Japan Story

Ryu | OROCHI | Sweden | Stockholm | Miyabi Japan Story

Live performance: “Hannya -Invisible Demon-”

V.I.P comes to France!

The Japanese solo artist V.I.P will hold a concert in Europe 2015

Paris, France

18 July 2015


FREE + 2 Euro obligatory drink at the bar

Nyanko Scandal Factory (

Please join the Facebook Event!

V.I.P | Hiroaki Nakashima

V.I.P Comment


V.I.P consists of Hiroaki Nakashima who is also the singer in the rock duo I-ai- together with Yuki Aneyoshi.

He started his solo project V.I.P in May 2014 and held the first 2 concerts in Sweden in September 2014.

V.I.P stands for “Visual I-ai- Project”

V.I.P’s music is not restrained to one typical genre and experiments with musical influences from all over the world. Hiroaki wants to challenge himself to compose music different from his other band I-ai- and is not afraid to use foreign languages in his lyrics. So far V.I.P has used Japanese, English, Greek, French and Italian in the four digital single releases.


1st single: WE ARE ONE
2nd single: SOMA (2 tracks)

3rd single: Perfect LOVE ~mon Amour~
4th single: DIVA (2 tracks)


Music available on iTunes:!music/crxe


HITT Europe Tour – dates in Sweden & Finland

HITT makes 2 stops in Scandinavia on his “To my dearest Piano tour 〜Europe tour 2015 〜”!

The Japanese rock-artist HITT keeps his promise and returns to Sweden and Finland with material that has never been heard live in Scandinavia before.

HITT has with his lively and energetic stage performances toured Europe several times and his fans called “HITTERS” seem to never get enough of this man! Those who have seen him live know what we mean and to those who haven’t yet, you surely should take this chance! HITT does lives like no other J-rock artist you have seen.

The dates are:

8th May: HITT & NANDA?!, Stockholm, Sweden, Venue: Tuben (FREE EVENT)
(Doors open: 18:00, Show start 19:00)

9th May: HITT, Helsinki, Finland, Venue: Gloria —> TICKETS

HITT’s music is composed by himself and contains vocal and piano mixed with all kinds of musical influences such as rock, jazz, rock’n’roll, punk and more, letting the audience being a big part of the show with coordinated movements, it’s just pure fun.

The tour is named after his newly released best of single album “To my dearest Piano” that is available on his official homepage. Many of these singles were only available in Japan so this is your chance to get a hold of them.

Both the shows are organized by Nyanko Scandal Factory.
The show in Sweden is a cooperation between Nyanko Scandal Factory & Darkbad


Gallery: OROCHI Nov 29th 2014 Stockholm, Sweden

Photo: Iona Rosin


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